• Wunderschöner Ring aus biobasiertem Kunstharz in vergoldeter Edestahlfassung. Der Ring ist größenverstellbar und kann auf jede gewünschte Größe gebogen werden.

    Maße: Fassung 12mm; Farben: blau/türkis/weiß


    Beautiful ring made of bio-based synthetic resin in gold-plated stainless steel. The ring is adjustable in size and can be bent to any desired size. Dimensions: socket 12mm; Colors: blue / turquoise / white

    "Wavy" Ring

    20,00 €Preis

    All chains, earrings and rings that I process have been carefully selected, always with the background to be able to offer you a long-lasting piece of jewelry. To prevent your jewelry from oxidizing, it is important that you keep your jewelry in a dry place. I also recommend that you take off your jewelry while showering, sleeping or doing sports. Since numerous factors influence the lifespan of your piece of jewelry, it is important that you take good care of it.

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